Car Valet or Car Detailing – What’s the Difference?

Damian Begbie, Owner, Cambridge Car Valet

9 September 2016

More and more people are asking me about car detailing and what the difference is between car valeting and car detailing. So I thought I’d write this first blog post and give you my professional opinion.

Car valeting is cleaning, polishing and waxing a car to get it to look as good as it can be. Car valets are often done to get a better price when selling your car. Car valets usually include:

Exterior –

washing, polishing and waxing the paintwork
dressing the exterior plastics and tyres
polishing the brightwork
cleaning and polishing the glass
cleaning the wheels

Audi car valeting job from Cambridge Car Valet.

Job completed at client’s workplace.

We can also do clay bar treatments which remove marks from the paint like tar spots or sap from trees.

“Brilliant service received today. Car is gleaming again and great value for money. Would definitely recommend and will be using again.” DB, Cambridge

Range Rover Full car valet for a regular customer.

Car Valet by Damian Begbie

Interior –

hoovering all areas including the dash (and vents), seats, carpets, boot
cleaning of the dash, seats, carpets and headlinings.

Regular customer’s Audi with a mini valet plus added polish and wax detailing.

Car Valet by Damian Begbie

A car valet from Cambridge Car Valet will result in your car being a pleasure to look at and be in. So, what does car detailing offer?

From my point of view, the main difference is the increased attention to detail. Car detailing is all about looking at each area of your car and cleaning and polishing every surface possible. Even removing certain parts to get at normally unreachable areas.

With your paintwork various processes and skills can be used to remove scratches and swirl marks, improving the appearance of your car further.

Detailing work on a VW Golf.

Car detailing by Damian Begbie

So to wrap up, a car valet will get your car looking as close to new as possible (ask our customers). But if you want to go the extra mile our detailing work will amaze you!

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