Clay Bar Treatments – It’s All in the Detail

Damian Begbie, Owner, Cambridge Car Valet

16th September 2016

So what is a Clay Bar Treatment or Car Detailing Clay?  To put it simply, it removes dirt from paint that simple washing can’t.

Car Detailing Clay removes tree sap, bugs, road tar and other hard to remove dirt from the surface of your car’s paint.  It also works on glass and metal. It can even tackle hard grit that gets into the paint finish and stick to your car even after cleaning and polishing.  The only way to remove these particles that are messing up your car’s finish is… detailing clay.

Clay Bar Treatment from Meguiars.

“We only use the best products on your car.”

How do clay treatments work?  Detailing clay is used on the surface of your paint to grab any dirt that sticks out from the surface. As the clay is moved over the surface the dirt sticks to the clay and is removed.  We use a clay lubricant to prevent scratches as the clay is used on the car.

“Makes paint as smooth as glass.” Meguiars Clay Treatments

The range of clay detailing products that we use at Cambridge Car Valet.

Meguiars Clay Treatments

What Does A Clay Treatment Remove?

– Brake dust
– Dust and grit from the road
– Tree sap
– Tar
– Bugs

Road dust and grit can contain metal which penetrate the clear coat protecting your paint. These particles then oxidize and they allow rust to spread beneath the clear finish. Watch out for those damaged spots on your car they can ruin your paint in the long term.

Bottom Line – Do I Need Clay Detailing? Probably yes! Every time you’re out on the road your car is accumulating dirt and grit. Detailing clay removes these contaminants to keep your paint in the best possible condition and looking its best.

Here’s a great tip: After washing and drying your car put your hand in a plastic food bag and run your hand over the surface of your cars paint. If it feels rough your paint will benefit from a clay bar treatment to remove the dirt.

Another couple of wins:  We can use it on glass too – you’ll really see the difference!  After a Clay Bar Treatment wax sticks better to the paint and the shine will be noticeably better!

In a recent Clay Treatment a customer with an Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 T Spark had been parking under a tree. A clay bar treatment followed by a machine polish and a high gloss wax sealant transformed the car.

So to wrap up, a Clay Bar Treatment will both help to protect your paint and transform its looks.  As a bonus your car will last much better through the winter!

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