Convertible Soft Top Clean and Protect Valet & Why It’ll Save You Money

Damian Begbie, Owner, Cambridge Car Valet

14 October 2016

If you have a convertible one thing that will instantly detract from your car’s appearance is mould, moss and mildew on your fabric hood.  The solution?  A Convertible Soft Top Clean and Protect Valet from Cambridge Car Valet.

In this post we look at the process of rejuvenating the fabric roof of an Alfa Romeo Spider.

You can see in the ‘before’ pictures below that common appearance of the green patches discolouring the roof.

This green stuff does not look good and it damages the fabric roof.

We use professional cleaning and protection products.

So how does this all work? This is what we do:

– Firstly all the loose dirt – grit and dust etc – is removed.
-A specialist fabric roof cleaner is then used to remove the green stuff (mould, moss and mildew) and the general dirt that has built up on the convertible roof over time.
-The cleaner produces foam which lifts the dirt from the hood
-All the folds, seams and edges of the fabric are attended to.
-The fabric roof is then rinsed to remove the cleaning fluid and remaining dirt.
-We then clean all the visible areas for when the roof is lowered.
-The fabric is then reproofed – this results in a water resistant seal that protects the roof from absorbing water and helps to keep off dirt.
-We also clean the fabric hood framework and mechanism.
-The rear window is of course cleaned inside and out.

“AutoGlym Convertible Clean and Protect – Winner of the 2015 ‘Best Buy’ award in the Auto Express Fabric Hood Cleaning group test.”

What a difference a professional valet makes.

By Cambridge based Professional Car Valeter Damian Begbie

Why have your fabric roof regularly cleaned?

You should not only have your fabric hood cleaned, but reproofed regularly. It will extend the life of your roof and make your car look so much better. As a final bonus, it will help to keep your car’s value when the time comes to sell it. If you leave it too long between roof valets the damage to the fabric may become permanent. We can advise you, based on your own car use when is the best frequency to have this done.

Clean, protect and maintain your cars value.

Cambridge Car Valet is here to help.

Is there anything to do to keep my convertible hood in good condition?

One thing you can do, apart from a regular roof valet, is to bear in mind where you park your car. If possible you should park away from trees. Tree sap is particularly hard to remove. The general debris from trees will quickly make your roof look a mess.

A restored fabric hood to be proud of.

Convertible Hood Valet by Damian Begbie

Keep your car looking its best with a regular Convertible Roof Valet from Cambridge Car Valet.

Products Used: Auto Glym Convertible Soft Top Clean and Protect
Featured Car: Alfa Romeo Spider

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