Land Rover Valet – Followed by a Drive Through a River

Damian Begbie, Owner, Cambridge Car Valet

21 October 2016

What about this?!  I did a full valet on a Land Rover Discovery, then my client took it for an off road drive and went through a river,

Here’s the summary of the valet:

– The car was washed with Autoglym Shampoo and Conditioner

– It then had a Maguires Claybar Treatment

– Then I applied Autoglym Super Resin Polish

– The car valet was finished off with Autoglym High Gloss Paint Sealant

An unusual first drive after a full car valet.

We use professional cleaning and protection products.

“Car Valet completed using professional quality Autoglym and Maguires products.”

Post car valet Land Rover enters the river.

By Cambridge based Professional Car Valeter Damian Begbie

Look at the reflection on the side of the Land Rover – great finish on the bodywork from the valet.

Partially submerged Land Rover still looking good after the car valet

Cambridge Car Valet is here to help.

The full valet with the added paint protection has really helped to keep this car looking as good as it does – even after being driven through a river!

Look at how clear the reflection of the river is in the door panel – really pleased with the result, as was the client.

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