Winter Protection Car Valet & Why You’ll Benefit.

Damian Begbie, Owner, Cambridge Car Valet

23 September 2016

With winter on its way now is a good time to protect your car from the worst of the weather.  Cambridge Car Valet is here to help with our famous Winter Protection Car Valet.

It is so important to keep your vehicles bodywork protected from the snow, ice & harmful road salt during the harsh winter weather.

Winter motoring can really take its toll on your whole car –  paintwork, metal, rubber and plastic.

Protect your car from this sort of dirt and salt containing sludge.

We use professional cleaning and protection products.

So what can happen to your car in the winter?
Winter roads are unforgiving to paintwork and alloy wheels.
Road salt can be very harmful to the paint work, wheels, trim & wiper blades. The cold winter temperature dries out and stiffens rubber seals and tyres.

“Great value for money and my car was sparkling after a valet! Highly recommend.”  SF, Cambridge

Protect your car from the winter weather with a Winter Protection Valet.

By Cambridge based Professional Car Valeter Damian Begbie

Problems like these need comprehensive solutions – that’s where Cambridge Car Valet comes in.

Here’s a list of what gets done:

– Pre-wash to loosen dirt
– Wash with a quality ph balanced shampoo
– Full paintwork decontamination with ultra fine clay to remove bonded contaminants
– Tar spots removed from paintwork
– Clean all door shuts
– All door seals protected against frost
– Exterior glass (including headlights) cleaned, polished and sealed with water repellent
– Wheel arches pressure washed
– Wheels cleaned and sealed with an acrylic sealant or wax as appropriate
– Tyres cleaned & dressed
– Door seals and exterior trim cleaned and dressed
– Long lasting sealant applied to paintwork giving months of protection
– All paintwork, including door shuts and edges, waxed and hand polished
– Screen wash topped up

With this winter forecasted to be a cold one – be prepared.

Cambridge Car Valet is here to help.

Still need convincing?

With a winter protection valet your car will not only remain protected throughout the harsh winter months, but will also look fantastic.

The Winter Protection Car Valet is specifically designed to protect and seal the vehicle’s paintwork, alloy wheels and windows against salt, grit and other winter elements. The paint protection part of the car valet also provides protection from UV damage to your car.
As well as helping to keep your car looking its best, a Winter Protection Valet will help to retain your cars value.

We use a combination of a sealant, topped off with a layer of extremely durable wax which will last for months on your paintwork, a wheel sealant to help protect your expensive alloys and a glass sealant to car windows.

Gleaming paint all year round.

With a Winter Protection Valet by Damian Begbie

So book a Winter Protection Car Valet to keep your car looking its best through the winter.

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